Information on airport

The nearest international airport to the conference site is Kaohsiung International Airport which takes about 1 hour by driving to Tainan. Recently, there is a directly flight operated by Vietjet Air between TPHCM (Sai Gon) and Tainan airport. Please arrive at the right airport if you come by flight. If there is no direct flight from your city to Kaohsiung International Airport, you may transfer at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (formerly known as CKS International Airport) which is located in northern Taiwan, and takes about 40 minutes by flight to Kaohsiung or about 80 minutes by Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) or 4 hours by bus to Tainan. Please notice that passengers from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport can NOT transfer to Tainan Airport because it is the domestic airport in Tainan.

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Domestic transportation to NCKU

From Kaohsiung International Airport to Tainan

1. Take Kaohsiung MRT from the Airport Station (R4) to Kaohsiung Main Station (R11) for TRA Train.
2. Take TRA from Kaohsiung Main Station to Tainan TRA Station, which usually takes about 35 minutes on express trains.

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