Call for papers

Theme: Emerging area studies on Vietnam and Taiwan
Department of Taiwanese Literature, National Cheng-kung University
Preparatory Office, Center for Vietnamese Studies, NCKU
Association for Taiwanese and Vietnamese Cultural Exchange
Taiwanese Romanization Association
Taiwanese Pen
Asian Atsiu International
Lok-an Hospital
Conference venue: National Cheng Kung University(Tainan, TAIWAN)
Conference date: October 16-17, 2010
Deadline for abstracts: March 15, 2010
Deadline for notification of acceptance: April 15, 2010
Deadline for full papers: Aug 31, 2010

Papers with the following topics are preferred:
  • Current trends in Vietnamese and Taiwanese studies
  • History of anti-colonialism and independence
  • History of military occupation by Chiang Kai-shek after WWII
  • Languages and literatures in Vietnam and Taiwan
  • Social customs and culture in Vietnam and Taiwan
  • Education systems in Vietnam and Taiwan
  • Ethnic minorities in Vietnam and Taiwan
  • Migration and new immigrant issues
  • Economic development, political reform and international relations
  • Any other topics related to conference theme
Submission guidelines:
  • Abstracts for paper and poster presentations are all welcome. Paper presentations are expected to give an oral presentation in 20 minutes with an extra 10 minutes for discussions. Poster presentation will be given a space (80cm x 120cm) during the conference days. They are all considered official presentations. The prospective presenters should choose either mode of presentation depending on the most effective and informative way of communicating the scientific content of their research.
  • The abstract must be limited to one page, with font size 12p, margins 1” (top and bottom) and 1.25” (left and right), line spacing 1.5.
  • Please add an additional information page prior to the abstract page. The information should include a) title of the paper, b) author(s), c) affiliation, d) position, e) mailing address, f) phone number, and g) e-mail.
  • The abstract must be saved as Word and PDF formats, and email to the following address: Please add author’s name with the phrase “abstract for conference on Vietnamese and Taiwanese studies” to the title of email.
  • The conference organizers will send out the acceptance letter by the deadline of notification. For the accepted presenters, please write your paper with the conference designated format and submit your full paper (electronic files in both DOC and PDF formats; an extra hardcopy is requested if special fonts are adopted) to conference organizers by the deadline mentioned above.
  • The official languages of the conference include Taiwanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and English. Other languages may be used as long as no body is opposed to them. Presenters are kindly requested to provide extra translated version in any of the official languages, if their paper is written in the language other than official languages.
  • Limited honorarium and travel grants may be provided to the paper presenters upon the funding raising results. However, honorarium might be dismissed if the paper is not submitted by appropriate deadline and not written in the designated format.
  • For the most updated information regarding the conference, please visit conference website. For any other questions, please contact:
    Conference coordinator:
    Wi-vun Taiffalo Chiung
    Associate Professor
    Department of Taiwanese Literature
    National Cheng Kung University
    Conference administrative assistant:
    Ms. Tran
    Tel: +886-6-2757575 ext 52627
    Fax: +886-6-2755190
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Call for Papers.pdf ( 2010.1.11, 211kb )

Conference coordinator: Wi-vun Taiffalo Chiung(Associate Professor Department of Taiwanese Literature National Cheng Kung University)
Conference administrative assistant: Ms. Tran
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