The 3rd International Conference on Vietnamese and Taiwanese Studies &

The 8th International Conference on Taiwanese Romanization

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The largest conference on Vietnamese studies in Taiwan!

The temtative program (Nov. 7) was released! Only registered presenters will be included in the program.

See local weather reports. See venues and map!

Language proficiency tests and teaching Vietnamese/Taiwanese to foreigners
Center for Taiwanese Languages Testing NCKU
Center for Vietnamese Studies, NCKU
Association for Taiwanese and Vietnamese Cultural Exchange
Taiwanese Romanization Association
Taiwanese Pen
Taiwan Association of University Professors
Taiwan South Society
Asia-Pacific Area Studies Program, Dept. of Taiwan and Regional Studies, National Donghwa University
College of Agricluture, NPUST
Li Bun-cheng, Tainan city councillor
Joy Educational Foundation
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Culture
Ministry of Science and Technology
Taiwan Foundation for Democracy
Asian Atsiu International

Lok-an Hospital

Conference venue:
The first two days will be at National Cheng Kung University and the third day at Guan-zi-ling Toong Mao Spa Resort (Tainan, TAIWAN). See venues and map!
Conference date:
Nov. 12-14, 2016




Any questions, please contact conference preparatory office
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